External Finishes High quality double glazed curtain wall with blue solar reflective glass and aluminum capping with fluorocarbon finish, stone claddings and high quality external wall tiles.
Office Internal Finishes Solid timber core construction fire-rated doors with accessories (for sub-divided offices only). Well plastered walls with high quality emulsion paint.
Office Lavatories High quality homogeneous tiles for floors and ceramic tiles for walls. High quality sanitary wares and fittings are provided. Suspended ceiling with light fixtures.
Lifts Office Tower : 18 passenger lifts (1,600kg, 21 persons) serving the tower in low, mid and high zones and 3 service lifts. Annex Tower : 2 passenger lifts (1,350 kg, 18 persons) serving all floors.
Ground Floor Entrance Hall Entrance hall with 7m high glass wall. Quality finishes of granite / marble on walls and floors. Elegantly designed false ceiling with quality light fittings.
Typical Office Lift Lobbies Lift lobby walls and floors are finished with granite / marble, suspended ceiling with quality light fittings.
Services / Fireman Lift Lobbies Suspended ceiling with light fixtures. Walls and floors are covered in ceramic tiles with spray paint and homogeneous tiles respectively.
Fire Services Automatic sprinkler system and fire alarm system are provided for the whole building.
Air-conditioning Centralized air-conditioning system for office. Chillers utilize environment friendly refrigerant. Air-conditioned chilled water supply.
TV Antenna Satellite TV antenna for STAR TV and communal TV system are provided.
Power Supply Electricity is supplied by dual busbar system. Occupants can draw electricity from either busbar riser. 3-compartment trunking system is provided for occupant's cabling work. In the event of fire or power failure, one set of backup diesel generator (700kVA) will provide power to all life safety and essential services. A 450kVA standby generator is installed to serve as back up power supply for occupants' essential equipment or computer. A separate computer earthing system is provided inside meter room each floor.
Security System CCTV surveillance system is installed to provide 24-hour monitoring to entrances, lift cars and carpark floors. Watchman-tour system is installed.
Information Technology Provisions Diversified communication / signaltrunkings are provided in the meter room on all floors. Dual and diversified external communications are carried by the optical fibre network to TBE Room.